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Artist Statement 

Petra Baral is a graphic artist based in Stuttgart, Germany. She studied graphic design at Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart and primarily works with acrylics and canvas to create pieces in a bold and colorful graphic style. Her compositions utilize black lines and geometric shapes to create striking designs that capture the viewer's attention.

Petra draws inspiration from the stories of Greek mythology, which she explores to shed light on the timeless themes and challenges that are still relevant in our modern lives. Through her paintings, she seeks to convey the lessons of ancient Greek myths about preserving nature and diversity, love and other human emotions, and the cyclical nature of history.

Petra's goal is to create art that encourages people to think and feel, to brighten the world with color and creativity, and to inspire others to connect with their emotions and experiences. She finds inspiration for her work in daily life or mythology and sometimes expresses her ideas in the form of aphorisms or poems.

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